Tub Slider Sliding Bathing System MC6000RS - Open Box

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Roll-in section and stationary shower stall section. Rearward sliding shower/commode

mobility assist transfer system. Standard features include open lower roll-in section

frame, (4) 5" Tente total lock casters, height adjustable seat, padded 17"x17"x2" thick

H3 "tear-drop" shaped commode seat and 17” wide by 8” tall C6 back cushion,

adjustable height and removable footrests, padded cantilever arms, padded

swing-away push handles, 20" locking connector bridge, adjustable height tub

section, and a 360 degree "rotator" on shower stall section with a indexing stop to

"lock" rotator at user's desired position. Comes with commode pail and bodypoint chest and lap belts.


A commode chair, shower access slider system, and in-home mobility chair in one complete unit. Requiring just one bedside transfer, the MC6000RS eliminates the need for transfers onto toilets and into step-in showers in the dangerous bathroom environment. Narrow profile allows the chair to slide back through narrow shower door entries, after which the chair can be rotated on the turntable and locked into place to face the shower head. Safe and convenient, the system includes the smoothest rolling transfer system available on the market.


  • Modular design with built-in adjustment features and made-in-the-USA.
  • Standard 17”x17” seat size.
  • Hand-wrapped Naugahyde cushions.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum, brass and stainless steel components.
  • Patented connector bridge to slide over step-in shower lip and turntable system to rotate chair.
  • Narrow chair profile to navigate tight spaces and shower entries.
  • High quality Derlin wheels and self-aligning slider tracks for smooth transfer of seat into tub.


  • Fits over standard and taller ADA compliant toilets and fits into almost any shower.
  • Customizable to fit larger or smaller users and unique bathroom configurations.
  • Cushions provide softness and texture needed by people who are susceptible to skin issues.
  • Constructed of materials that won’t rust or corrode.
  • Converts a non-accessible bathroom into an accessible one without expensive remodeling.
  • Safe and convenient way to slide into step-in shower and rotate to face shower head.
  • Smoothest rolling transfer bench system available.
  • Connector bridge can be removed so that shower door can be closed for privacy.


  • Width of roll-in section: 22” from outside arm pad to outside arm pad
  • Height Adjustable: Seat-to-Floor = 22.5” to 27”
  • Approximate weight: 50lbs
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs

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