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Size: Beasy II – 27.5″ Model
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The Sliding Transfer Board, or Beasy Board, is one of the best transfer boards on the market. Just put it under your bottom and the swivel disc that you sit on effortlessly slides you to the other side. Comes in two sizes: 40″ for transfers that need a little more room (i.e., car or bed transfer), 32″ for curved areas, or 27.5″ model for shorter transfers.

  • Tapered design for easy use in various transfer situations
  • Ideal for transfers between chairs, wheelchairs, beds, etc.
  • Round sliding disc makes transfers easier and more comfortable

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Original Beasy Trans – 40″Sliding Transfer Board 40

This model is ideal for automobile transfers. Longer length will accommodate patients and transfers in areas where space is not an issue. This model has been used successfully in boosting or repositioning patients.

40-inch Model

Beasy Glyder 32″Sliding Transfer Board2 32

Used to curve around wheelchairs with non-movable armrests. Also facilitates caregiver’s natural transfer motions. Seat and base are same diameter.

32-inch Model

Beasy II – 27.5″ Sliding Transfer Board 27

Perfect for smaller areas, especially bathroom transfers. May be used for independent transfers with professional approval. Many facilities use this system for boosting patients in bed.

27.5-inch Model

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