Bathmobile Commode and Shower chair

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BathMobile commode and shower chair is designed for homecare and out-user purposes. The commode and shower chair is to be used exclusively for showering or bathing, using a toilet, or for transfer of persons inside buildings. The commode and shower chairs is not designed for the outdoors, no for long periods of sitting.

Accessories are optional - See pictures below and call for pricing.


Made from Hitech Plastic, which is very durable in toilet and shower environments.


All product components, including bearings and upholstery, are water-resistant.


Thanks to its 4 castor wheels, offers easy maneuverability for family members and assistants


Foldable commode chair. Optional to buy wheeled travel case for ease of carrying and moving. Case marked with universal wheelchair symbol for transportation by aeroplane.


Can be used over the top of a regular toilet (47cm high, 37cm wide) (18.4 inches high, 14.5 inches wide), making many more restrooms accessible.

For you

Easily adjustable to the height of a range of toilet seats. and comes with push up folding arm rest for ease of transfers and improved comfort. Easy to take apart and pack away for storage. Push up folding arm rest for ease of transfers and improved comfort.


Round Removable Pan

Square Removable Pan

PU 16mm Opened Padded Seat

PU 50mm Opened Padded Seat

Self-Propelling Wheel

Carrying Case

Padded Arm Rest

Rubber Upholstered Seat

Back Padded Seat

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